"The future of any organization depends on the talent that takes the field."

-Mathew Kelly


Unique Practice

We are a search firm you will actually enjoy working with. Strategic. Transparent. Experienced. Insightful. Hassle-Free.

Trevally Group is a highly specialized, “A” player search firm with almost two decades of success identifying, recruiting, and capturing exceptional professionals for our client organizations. Perhaps considered old school, we rely on relationships, reputation, referrals, and personal conversations to reach and motivate the top performers.  As trusted partners with our clients, we invest a considerable amount of time to understand each client’s business, culture, competitors, challenges, and objectives. We are equally committed to understanding the objectives of each industry-professional, as each hire must be a good fit for all parties, to achieve sustainable success. Our success as a firm is measured, not by the number of hires but the long-term Quality of Hire (QoH) and tenure of our clients.

We reach "A Players" because we know where they swim.  Superior professionals are seemingly hidden, as these professionals are busy working, well appreciated, generally happy, totally unaware of boards and LinkedIn listings. Ads prove ineffective in motivating those who do not consider themselves looking. These are the professionals we attract and work with, everyday. 

"The top 1% of a company’s workforce produces 5% of that company’s output. And the top 5% produce 26%. Given these numbers, it’s clear that top performers are a bargain."- Dr. John Sullivan, Michael Jordan of Recruiting

Unique values & Results

  • We are ordinary people serving profoundly.

  • We do not strive to be all things to all people- we remained focused on our strengths and passion

  • Growth is a core value. We invest in our continual personal and professional improvement, which allows us to provide growth to each client, industry professional, our team, and the community.

  • We’re picky. We accept fewer searches allowing us to commit necessary resources to each one.

  • We do not work in the world of  'jobs' or 'candidates' but 'opportunities' and 'professionals'. 

  • Industry leading Placement Guarantees. Why not? Long-term Quality of Hire (QoH) is our goal and the benchmark of our success.

  • >94% Offer Acceptance Rate. We do not extend offers- we secure acceptances.

  • Our Performance is Guaranteed.    

markets served

‘Market Mastery’ of very narrow, defined niche areas which not only serve our individual passions, but allows us to go deep into our markets including Technology, M&A’s, Key Trends, Thought Leaders, Challenges, Trade Shows, and Forward Innovation. 

  • Sales, Business Development & Technical Customer Facing professionals from Director to C-Level within Small/Mid-sized growth oriented, highly reputable organizations < $600M annual Revenue

  • Internet of Things (IoT), since before it had a name. Across the vast eco-system including Service, PaaS, MaaS, SaaS, Analytics and HW


Recruiting is a personal, strategic effort. low touch tools only enable a company to do the wrong things better and faster. 


Our proven, customized process allows our clients to continue to operate their core business while executing a highly effective recruitment effort, reducing the Cost of Vacancy (COV) and Time to Fill (TTF) while increasing the Quality of Hire (QoH). Our comprehensive, proven methodology is deployed from the onset, enabling each search to be executed with precision. Our process is comprised of the following 8 stages:


8 step 'Talent Centrifuge' Process