Industry Professionals

 We serve small to mid-sized, highly reputable, organizations with a demonstrated commitment to building the strongest teams in the industry. Our clients are extremely demanding, of solid character, with an extremely high bar as to the caliber of people they hire - and they refuse to settle. They require top performers, who are peer reviewed, in the top 15-20% of their sectors, and not waving resumes in the air. Ellington Growth Partner's is the firm these companies engage to cherry-pick top performers and build world-class organizations. 

  • We recognize all parties must have their needs and objectives met to achieve a long-term, fulfilling, and highly successful match. 
  • We spend an inordinate amount of time getting to know each person behind their resume/profile to understand at the deepest levels their mindsets, ambitions, innate talents, passions, wounds, and career goals. We marry a professional’s accomplishments, talents, and passion with a client’s culture, challenges, and needs.
  • A client will only be introduced to a very small fraction of the professionals who are interested and skills-qualified. 
  • We only engage in searches from organizations of excellence who are committed to hiring the same caliber of people we attract and have a compelling story to share in the marketplace. 
  • Ellington Growth Partners embraces the very human element in making a career move.  We operate under the highest levels of confidentiality, respect, responsiveness, and honesty. We are not a resume "clearing house" and will never present your information to a client or organization without your agreement and consent.
  • We are members of your industry and invest a tremendous amount of resources throughout the year to remain intimately connected to the technology, people, and trends that drive this dynamic industry. 
  • Honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance. We are committed to being authentic, honest, and responsive with all parties and expect the same.



Being that our business is not dependent upon applicants and many of our current opportunities are confidential, we do not have a job board. Learn more about our recent placements and current opportunities or we encourage you to call us as well.


Michele has a keen sense of identifying, qualifying, and placing highly-valued talent - thus bringing tremendous value to the IoT and Wireless industry. Michele has developed a solid reputation and is known across the wireless industry for her energy, knowledge, and ability to forge partnerships with her clients. Michele's integrity, personal values, and desire to make a difference in her community are what I most admire. I highly recommend her and Ellington Growth Partners LLC for any organization looking for the right partner to fill their high-value talent requirements. - Allen Anderson, Sr., Director of Sales Metrico Wireless