Client Qualities

'Collaboration is Multiplication'-John Maxwell

Trevally Group is committed to serving a select group of  highly discerning clients by efficiently capturing the top 15%-20% of professionals who align functionally and culturally with our client’s specific needs. Leveraging our  20+ years recruiting experience, relationships, and resources, we provide our clients a competitive advantage generally unavailable through internal or electronic efforts. Our client criteria includes:

A | Demonstrated commitment to hiring the same caliber of people we recruit. Beyond the proclamation on an organization's career page - a ‘never settle’ commitment. Professionals at the top of their game, who are peer reviewed, well compensated, and buried in excellence are not attracted to organizations demonstrating mediocrity. 

B | Our clients are fully-aligned. Only through mutual trust, integrity, and collaboration are we able to deliver exceptional results. We expect each client and hiring manager to exhibit a genuineness and attitude of collaboration. 'Michael Jordan could not win without someone passing him the ball.' We depend on collaboration - excellence doesn't happen in a vacuum. 

C | Streamlined Process. We respect and appreciate organizational processes; however, hiring excellence often requires flexibility and nimbleness to achieve the hiring objective. 

D| Direct Contact. Contact with a hiring manager is imperative to getting the best results, efficiently.  We are likely as busy as the hiring manager and will not unnecessarily consume the hiring manager’s time; anything less is simply unprofessional. 

E | We don't take ourselves too seriously and expect the same of each client. We look for character equal to that of someone we would enjoy having over for dinner.


 'The cost of a bad hire is significant and can bring down a team, manager, or entire organization' HBR 2017


Services |

Trevally Group recognizes each client, opportunity, and need is unique. To ensure a successful search, we customize the process and offer 2 search options to target each client’s objective, timeline, number of roles, and internal requirements. Following a candid, diagnostic conversation, we will assist you in determining the best strategy to achieve your results:

A. ENGAGED is a hybrid, exclusive search option which confirms client commitment and secures our resources with an initial fee at the onset of the search. Unlike traditional Retained Searches, this affords our client a reduced financial risk while providing Ellington Growth Partners the security to invest in your search. 

  • Initial Deposit Secured at the onset of the search provides priority above traditional Contingency Searches

  • You can trust we will deliver- We Guarantee it.*

  • Engagement Fee will be rolled over to future searches within 6 months, in the event the position is filled with a candidate outside EGP’s efforts.

  • Lower percentage fee than a Contingency Search - the initial Engagement Fee is applied towards the total amount due following the successful placement.

  • All Engaged searches provide a 270-day (9 month) replacement guarantee.

  • Engaged Searches increase the probability of a successfully hire by more than 2x, as the client is vested in the success of the search. This moves the client from ‘renting to owning’ and the recruiter can confidently lean into the search.

B. Hiring As A Service- Customized, white label solutions


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I have worked with Michele to successfully fill a number of key positions in our organization. She has always committed the time, and the energy, to understand our needs — not just the technical or experience requirements, but also the people-skills, motivation levels, and work ethics that make for a successful partnership between the company and the candidate.
Her response and follow-up is proactive and timely, and just as importantly, she is always a pleasure to interact with, bringing enthusiasm, positive energy, and great humor to the process. I would not hesitate to recommend Michele as a valuable recruitment resource to the wireless industry.
— COO, Tier 1 Test & Measurement Organization